Photography Alluring Visual Appeal

Specialized Photography Premium web-specialized photography is integral to successful website design. It’s a big plus for any content strategy, though most organization doesn’t know what it is or understand it’s clear advantages.

Piton Marketing and Printing is one of a handful of U.S. design companies that offers this service. Our in-house web-specialized photographer and his team take direction from our designers so that all onsite photographs conform perfectly to web design parameters.

Stock photographs do not easily integrate with the overall organization, text placement or navigational parameters of most websites. The result? Mediocre layout and flow-often with inadequate space allotted for required text. Viewers quickly click away from such sites.

Our web-specialized photography team collaborates with you to determine the best mix of images for your brand. After the session is completed, we work closely with you to select the best images and choose a digital format that translates easily across Internet platforms. We then adjust your online images for optimal color, clarity, contrast, and composition before launch.

Piton Marketing and Printing conceive and orchestrates images of employees, customers and/or physical sites to tell your story. We utilize advanced lighting techniques and staging help optimize image quality.