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People might say, what’s in a name? But it takes time and a lot of hard work to make that name known to everyone. It’s the name that makes a product or company a Brand. Therefore, it is important to create something that is unique and different from everyone else. A logo helps a brand to distinguish from others. Therefore, you can measure how important it is for the logo to be unique to stand alone from the rest. Popularity and uniqueness are something every brand struggle to gain. It is their logo that makes them who they actually are. It’s the logo that people recognizes. Even a toddler is able to recognize a brand and what it is all about by looking at its brandmark.

For those aspiring designers, who are about to start a journey to design a brand, we are here to help you with some expert tips and give you helpful resources that will be enough to give a kick start to your visualization skills.

⇒ Most of the times it is said that imitation is the best form to compliment. However, it is not right when it comes to logo design. You need to think out of the box and create something unique for your brand to become the best. However, it is very unlikely that what you create will always be original, but somehow your goal should be that.

⇒ For a designer it is important to remember that a Logo is an image that introduces the brand. Therefore, the logo should be made to reach and impress a specific audience to whom the brand is trying to sell its products. So when designing a logo you should always know what your logo means and reflect your brand’s ideologies.

⇒Color is the key in every aspect of designing. So make sure you understand the sublime meaning of every color and choose the color for your logo accordingly to suit your brand’s personality.

⇒ A balanced combination of simple, flexible and quirky is exactly what your logo needs. You don’t want your audience to sit back and analyze the meaning of the logo. So, always try to make it something that speaks out for itself.

⇒ Success is something that needs patience, hard work and time. So, don’t expect your logo to become a hit over night. Even if you have designed the most spectacular combinations of vectors, remember success depends on the product’s performance on the market it is in.

⇒ Try to gather as much information as you can. Internet is the best option for that. To create something unique you need to have vast knowledge of what you are doing and what options do you have.

The web is brimming with resources that are capable of honing your skills . However, too much of everything can make things messy and confused. So, we have come up with some top and useful online resources that are capable to help you get to the grips with it.

1. Logo Design Love:logo-design-love It is a brilliant website and also a book by famous graphic designer David Airey. It showcases the logo designs and brand identities of famous brands. The site is usually updated once or twice in a week with features, opinions, designs, news and more. It is very easy to access and organized categories will easily navigate you to what you want.

2. LogoLounge:It is the ultimate resource for logo designs and inspirations in the web. You can find thousands  of designs and templates for research work and study. download (LL)Moreover you can also submit  your work, designs here and get noticed by some of the leading agencies and designer  and be a part of ongoing discussions with them in the forum. You can even use this site  to mark the date of your creation for future use. With this site’s progression you can always be updated with the latest trends and even set and follow an ongoing trend.

3. Logo Of The Day:It is a high profile logo design resource site. download_lotdIt awards the best designed professional logos and trademarks around the world.Its a place to come for design inspirations as well as to discuss, share and share and rate other logos. It promotes excellence in logo design around the world. Every design is screened and judged by Jacob Cass, on the basis of design, concept, accuracy, usability and scalability. The best design of the month get awarded by the site and the designer can use this award as a marketing tool or promote his work. Winners are entitled to a LOTD Badge that can be displayed in their site or wherever they wish. This site is a perfect to showcase your logo designs as it provides a lot of exposure to your designs through close collaboration with their media partners and sponsors.

4. LogoMoose:logomooseThis online portal features the best designed logos from professional designers worldwide.The designers can submit their designs here and take part in some active forums in the site. The designers around the world, share useful tips and tricks in these forums and they also encourage constructive criticism for the designs and give feedback.

5. LogoFavesThis site showcases the best logos available in the web from all over download (2)the world. It has a huge collections of logo designs and inspirations from some of the finest designers of the world and it takes pride in introducing the best talents in the design world by turning the spotlight on their work.

6. LogoPond:This site showcases the best signature work from around the web.  Designers of all skill levels and areas frequently update their regular dose of inspiration and  insight in this site. logopond_logoThis site features hundreds of ideas, design templates and you can also share  your thoughts and designs in here to get best criticism from the best designers of the world.

So far we have enlisted the best 6 logo resources sites for you. We expect that it will help you to expand your wings of imagination and create something iconic for your brand.

Have you used any other useful logo design tool other than those above? If yes, please leave a comment stating that with a short description of its salient features and we will be including it in our list in future.


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