The Value Press Releases Can Bring to your Brand

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We have already discussed the importance of creating original, quality content for your brand on websites, brochures, newsletters, and other materials. Press releases are the other key writing tool that can be used to help bring attention to your company.

One of the goals of creating a successful brand is developing an image where consumers see you as an authority and knowledgeable source in your field. Releasing press releases to the media presents that vision of an authority. Press releases are used to relay market information and news to consumers. When you serve continually as a source of news for the media and community, you quickly gain a reputation as a leader.
Press releases also keep your clients updated on what is going on with your company. This will help clients remain engaged with what you are doing as well as keeping your name in front of them. Continuing the conversation with the consumer base is a strong driver of business opportunities. It also can assist with the best form of free advertisements: word of mouth recommendations. Customers remember your business, remember quality work you did, and pass you name along to others.
When writing your press release, keep the following in mind:
 –     Create a heading that grabs people’s attention
 –      Write concisely and to the point
 –       Generate press releases to announce major news at the company (new CEO for example), new products or services, special events the company is hosting, and anything else your readers might enjoy
–     Include basic information in the press release so it will be easy for any journalist to pick up for a story
When you do write press releases, use all the resources available to advertise them. Spread the word on twitter, link to it on your blog, have it featured prominently on your website, put it in a status on LinkedIn and Facebook, include in any newsletters you issue, and anyway else you can think of. The more methods you use to distribute it, the more people will read it, react to it, and help to spread it around.
Many people tend to overlook the value of press releases, especially when they are busy trying to keep up with the demands of social media. They are very valuable tools, however, and should be taken advantage of.

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