The Importance of a Brand

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Many entrepreneurs spend a great deal of time developing their business and their online marketing techniques, but neglect their brand. They then wonder why they are floundering.

Brands are vitally important in the area of marketing; they point your company in the direction it wants to take. They are the promises you make to your client. They explain what you are going to deliver, and why you can deliver it better than everyone else. Brands communicate your position and express your company’s personality.
Your brand is what customers will associate with your company, and so you want to make it memorable. It is not something that can be slapped together in a single board meeting before moving onto other topics. It is how you will define this business you are struggling to create.
To begin creating your brand, start by defining what it is you would like to offer your customers, and who your audience is going to be. What would you like to be known for?
Once you have determined your main market, begin thinking about your logo. Try not to get hung up on creating something that pulls in everything you offer, but aim instead to represent your company as a whole. Think of the sleek design of Apple. It communicates a prestigious, cutting edge company; it is recognizable around the world, and fits well with all the products the company produces.
The logo you design should be original and memorable. To help test you logo, try scaling it down and blowing it up to ensure it still holds value. Also strip the logo of color to see how it looks, and examine the mirror image. Try to keep the logo as simple as possible and keep it proportional. Complex logos or ones that are very tall or very wide don’t reproduce well and could cause problems with graphics when you print cards, envelopes, and other company items.
If you would like more advice or assistance with the creation of your company brand and logo, reach out to us! We look forward to hearing from you.

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