Running a Facebook Ad Campaing

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The worth of Facebook ads are a frequent topic of debate among those involved in social media marketing. On the one hand, many of the ads are aimed a gathering ‘likes’ for a particular page, and research has shown that ‘likes’ do not have a strong correlation with brand loyalty. On the other hand, Facebook has nearly one billion members worldwide. The marketing potential is enormous. Just getting your company name and logo out to your prime audience can be a huge asset in making people familiar with what you have to offer.

If you are considering running a Facebook ad campaign, there are few things to consider when you get started. First, design a few different ads. Run the different ads using the same guidelines (daily budget, length of run time, same demographics) and see which of your ads gets a larger response. This will help you narrow the aspects of your ads that really speak to your audience. When designing the Facebook advertisement, be sure to use a catchy photo that represents your company as well as minimal words communicating the goal of your campaign. Too many words will discourage people from reading and paying much attention to the ad.
Experiment also with your bidding on pay per click ads. Impressions do not guarantee any action on the part of your audience; they only need to see the ad for it to count. Pay per click ads, on the other hand, require that users have to be interested enough to click on the advertisement for it to ‘count’. Not everyone who clicks on the ad will like the page, but at least the have taken the time to learn more about the company. There will also be countless people who have seen the ad, the logo, and the company name that do not click on the advertisement and therefore do not incur any costs.
Once you have developed a strong audience for your Facebook company page, take the time to turn your likes into business. Use your page to communicate with your base and try to get them engaged with you. Ask open ended questions, take polls, and offer exclusive deals to fans to get people excited about your company. This conversation is what will encourage and develop your business.
Facebook ad campaigns do seem to offer a great deal of potential for many companies to get their name known and in front of potential clients. The key is for companies to keep in mind the true goal of the campaigns and find ways to accurately measure ROI. Focus less on ‘likes’ for their own sake and more as means of gathering a strong audience who can be communicated with and turned into clients.


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