Is Every Door Direct Mail Right for Your Business?

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Have you ever heard of every door direct mail (EDDM)? At Piton Marketing we have teamed up with the US Postal Service to offer this opportuntiy to our customers and find it to be a worthy marketing tool. Did you realize  that 85% of a business’s customers come from a five mile radius around the business and that mail can increase the ROI of an integrated campaign by 20%? You can take advantage of both of these areas by using an every door direct mail campaign.

EDDM offers many benefits to clients because of the ease and the cost. Users are allowed to send the postcards at rates as low as 14.5 cents. Companies also do not need to worry about buying mailing lists and addressing the postage personally. When using every door direct mail you select a postal route and the post office sends out the postcards to every address along the route.

To use the system effectively companies need to do careful research about the neighborhoods that would be most receptive to their message. Take for example a company that sells appliances. When people move into new homes, appliances are frequently some of the first purchases they will make. If you know that there is a particular neighborhood that has a new development, it would be a great neighborhood to saturate with your EDDM flier. You can even include coupons to help entice more people to your store. Other neighborhoods may attract your families or empty nesters. You have to know your area’s demographics.

Recently, we ran an EDDM campaign as a part of an overall marketing campaign for a client of ours, Tease Hair Salon. The salon had been a staple in the community for over two decades, but recently new businesses had been moving into the area. To keep their name fresh in the minds of current customers, as well as to introduce themselves to new customers, we created an EDDM coupon flyer to mail in their local neighborhood. We targeted residential areas and let them know about the fabulous service our client provides.

When you are wondering if you should run an EDDM campaign or a regular direct marketing campaign you should consider:

–          Can your target demographic be narrowed to a neighborhood? For example by income level, families versus students, new developments, college towns, and so on.

–          Is your clientele local or across the country?

–          Do you have a quality graphics team who can create an eye catching ad with limited space? You have to let your audience know why they should care about you instantly when sending out direct mail postcards with any system.

Do you have further questions about beginning a direct mail campaign? Would you like to begin a campaign but do not have the time or resources to conduct the necessary marketing research or design the optimal postcard? Get in touch with Piton Marketing! We would love to help in any way we can.


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