How To Get Started on Facebook for Business

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Facebook offers businesses the ability to create pages to advertise and reach clientele on the social network giant. It is an excellent opportunity to expand your consumer base and get some reasonably priced advertising, but it seems as though while many businesses will quickly jump on the bandwagon of creating a page, few take the time to keep it updated.

Keeping an updated Facebook page can be a huge asset. For one, when people stumble across your page, they are more likely to skip over it if they see that it is not updated or maintained. When people stop to engage with your page, however, it quickly becomes an excellent branding and marketing tool.

When people like your Facebook page, your updates will show up in their newsfeed, which is the stream of information they will receive on their homepage when they first login. When you get people to engage with your status updates, your future updates will appear even higher on their newsfeeds.

To get started, you need to have a personal profile. Using a personal profile as a business profile is heavily frowned upon by Facebook and could get your account locked. Starting the Facebook business page is relatively straight forward and just a matter of following the step by step instructions. Fill out as much of the profile as possible as it will help make your profile more appealing to viewers. Make use of the cover photo option, it makes for excellent advertising space. Just remember that Facebook does not allow you to upload a phone number or blatant advertisement in the space. A creative design featuring your logo, however, would be excellent and will help boost your brand.

Once you have your profile set up, you should begin creating updates. Try to update at least two to three times a week to start, and increase as traffic on your site increases. Do not just use the platform to advertise. Instead, try to engage your followers. Ask open ended questions about their experiences related to your industry. Seek feedback about your services. Host contests or post (clean) funny videos on Friday afternoons. The goal is to get people talking on your page and paying attention to your brand.

Finally, once you have created your page, invite other people to like it. Here is Piton Marketing on Facebook! Like us!


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