How To Gain Your First Twitter Followers

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Once you have a Twitter account set up, the next challenge is gathering followers. It can be difficult. Twitter works differently from other platforms. You cannot reach out to connect to with people and have them automatically reciprocate. There are however, some basic methods you can employ to encourage people to pay attention to your account. After all, what good does it do to continually put your message out on Twitter if there is no one there to listen?

Step One. Follow as many people and organizations as you can find. Although they are not guaranteed to follow you back, there are a number who will. Having a good number of people to follow will also help you get more involved in the conversation, which can help with future steps.

Step Two. Update your account regularly, even if you do not have strong following. When new people discover your account, it will show that it is active and that you put out interesting, relevant content.

Step Three. Retweet occasional items that show up in your feed that you find interesting. When you retweet people they will often be able to your message if they monitor their mentions on Twitter. Many people will take an interest and often follow those who retweet what they have to say.

Step Four. When you do receive followers, say thank you. The same courtesy should be extended to those who retweet anything you write. Sending messages and shout-outs across the platform will also help attract attention to your account and many people respond positively to basic manners.

Step Five. Use common industry hashtags throughout your messages. Many people monitor Twitter conversation based on subject topics. By using hashtags you draw attention to the topics you are discussing and Twtiter can easily filter your messages based on what you are saying. This will help you attract attention of those interested in your industry.

Consistent, interesting content will go a long way in drawing followers to your message. Following these steps will also be very helpful helping you to gain your initial followers so what you have to say can be heard.


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