How To Come Up With Blogging Topics

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One of the hardest aspects of blogging is coming up with solid material for entries week after week. Your audience does not always want to read the same thing, and if your blog become boring and mundane, you are not going to increase your visitors at all. So how can busy business people find subjects to write about?

1) Keep a list. Throughout the week, keep and eye out for interesting articles, questions clients have, or even just brainstorms you have that might make a good topic for your blog. You can write reactions or your professional opinion about other articles, answer questions, write tips, and more!

2) Ask your clients. Your clients can be a great source of information about what your consumer base may be looking for answers on. There may be a key bit of information that you have been overlooking that would make a great blog subject.

3) Look back on your old entries. Look at your analytics, comments, and other monitoring systems to see which subjects received the most attention. The subjects that were the most popular can be recycled into entirely new entries. You can write follow ups, take the subject in a slightly different direction, or whatever else you can think of.

4) Read your past entries again. This time, when you are perusing your past writing, look for unanswered questions that you may have not addressed on a topic. Blog entries are not supposed to be books, so there are always more that can be written on a subject.

5) Read other people’s or companies’ blogs. See what topics attract a lot of attention on other blogs in the industry.  Pay attention to the comments and see if people ask questions to get a better idea about the type of information people are looking for. You can write pieces about your own take on a subject, recent success stories, or use the questions to come up with a new subject.

Writer’s block can be the most frustrating time-waster when you are trying to write regularly. Keeping this list in mind as you go throughout your week should help you keep on track and your blog full of regular, engaging content.


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