How Companies Can Appear More ‘Human’

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When companies set out to run social media campaigns, it is very common to have more than one person contributing to the different platforms. Each person brings to social media their own voice, their own style, and their own techniques. In most situations, this is great. When running a company’s social media, it is not as desirable.

A company wants to make it appear as though there is one person running the social media aspect. They want it to seem as though customers are talking to a single person whether they are responding on Twitter or Facebook at 8 am or 10 pm. Even if there are multiple people running the different company platforms, there should be at minimum an agreed upon protocol about how everyone is to conduct themselves online. Language, word choice, response time, sources, and tone should all be discussed and understood by everyone involved before the project even begins. It will help give the company a more unified appearance.

Companies should also seek to remain human by participating in conversations. Many companies have the tendency to use social media they way they used to use radio advertisements or TV advertisements. They use it is a microphone to broadcast their message to their consumer base. That is not how social media was designed, however. It was designed to function as a conversation between people. In this case, it is a conversation between the company and its clients.

Companies should take the time to respond to what customers are saying online. They should monitor what is being said about them across the various platforms. If there are negative complaints, the issues should be addressed openly and resolved. If there are compliments, they should be thanked the same way you might thank a personal friend who complimented you. Customers appreciate being acknowledged for both the positive and the negative. It helps to build the relationship and makes the company seem more relatable.

In the age of interpersonal communication and nonstop conversations online, companies must fit the mold and appear human. They are no longer viewed as large, faceless enterprises. People like to speak with their favorite companies and receive feedback. By keeping these two things in mind, they should go a long way in keeping their online personal much more ‘human’.


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