Has your website vanished from Google Search Results?

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Google Ranking and Mobile Friendly Websites

Google dominates the search engine sphere with roughly 75 % of searches which is even higher on mobile devices. They are constantly updating their search algorithm but recently launched a major change to mobile searching. As a result some websites have been vanishing from search results.

The mobile search changes implemented by google punish or penalize websites that are not mobile friendly. If your website is not responsive to accommodate viewing on mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. For your website to show up on search engines it needs to be built to be mobile accessible.

Google seeks to make the online experience better for mobile users. This change primarily affects your website rankings on mobile results but desktop searches are affected as well. While this change is being thrust upon websites that rely on rankings the impact of mobile devices on user activity should not be ignored.

Mobile Friendly Responsive Websites

Mobile overtakes desktop

When you are developing a new website or upgrading your present site being responsive is no longer an option.

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