Five Tips for Developing a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

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When you design a direct mail marketing postcard, you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your viewer. Although 50 percent more people pay attention to their paper mail than their email, many people will flip past a flier that is not interesting or intriguing. For your campaign to be successful, you have to not only attract attention, but also inspire people to act. Here are some ways to help make your direct mail postcard snag the attention of your potential clients.

1)      Offer deals or specials for the clients. A flier that broadcasts a message for a special discount in big, bold letters is sure to draw a second glance. People enjoy receiving discounts, and these specials can help bring consumers in the door.

2)      Make sure that any offers you make are easy to respond to. If you make your potential clients jump through too many hoops, it is easy for them to put off using your services. Make the deal appealing and easy to use. For example, if your offer requires people to respond to you by mail, include a pre-stamped envelope for convenience.

3)      Create the sense urgency with your card. If you are offering a particular giveaway, advertise that there is a limited amount. A discount should have a quickly approaching expiration date. This will help prevent people from forgetting about your company and what you are offering. People will be encouraged to act right away.

4)      Create a personalized postcard. Use images, colors, and anything else that can create a clear association with your brand and company. If you sell a particular product, your postcard should inspire a potential client to buy specifically from your company, not just any company in your industry. The more people become familiar with your brand the more loyalty to you can help create.

5)      Publicize your upcoming direct mail campaign. Place notices on your website, your newsletter, and anywhere else clients frequent to tell them to keep an eye out for the discount that will be arriving in the mail. This helps to create anticipation and more people will pay attention to what your postcard has to say.

Direct mail campaigns offer many benefits. They are a relatively simple and cheap way to advertise and they can help build your local consumer base. Using these five tips will help your postcard attract the attention it deserves.


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