Creating an Integrated Social Media Strategy

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Social media campaigns offer companies a unique platform to communicate with their consumer base. It is not a matter of simply filling out profiles and making updates, however, although that is a start. The key to using social media successfully is finding ways to engage with your audience. One of the ways to accomplish that is to create an integrated social media campaign.

When your social media campaign is integrated, you present a common voice across all platforms and you interconnect the message presented across all the platforms. There are a number of techniques to accomplish this goal, as well as commonly used ways that do not work quite as well.
The first step to creating a successfully integrated social media campaign is to present a uniform voice. Some large companies may have a few different people who handle social media management. Others may have a specialized employee or two. Still others may hire the work out to a marketing firm. Whatever the situation in your company may be, set up guidelines about how you want issues in the company to be addressed. Discuss the tone to be used. Whenever anyone communicates with your company on any social media platform, it should appear as though they are all speaking with the same person.
Many companies also have success with using one platform to advertise another. For example, if you are hosting a contest on Twitter, use your Facebook profile to tell people about it. It can also be a good idea to post some similar information across the platforms. If there is a major event that is affecting your industry, make similar posts across the platform so that people hear about it no matter where they follow you. This also lends itself to creating the important uniform voice.
We do offer a word of caution, however to those looking to cross post their news. Your different social media platforms all come with different cultures and different tones. Some, like Twitter, are very unique. There is a distinct jargon, distinct symbols, informality, and a high rate of conversation that is not mirrored on other platforms. There are options to link Twitter to your Facebook profile, but we do not recommend it. When your posts from Twitter show up on Facebook, they will look out of place. The updates will come too quickly for people to really pay close attention that engage with what is being said. When people ignore your updates on Facebook, it can be detrimental to the placement of your future posts.
Creating an integrated social media strategy is very important for a successful social media campaign. It helps to create the image of a single entity speaking and forming a relationship with the consumer base rather than various representatives broadcasting a message at the consumer base. Using these techniques will be very helpful in achieving this goal.


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