Creating a Brand that Stands Out

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There are very few businesses that people can create in today’s market that will not have some level of competition. With the exception of entrepreneurs, most people are creating companies and businesses in existing markets because they believe they have a talent for something. They believe they have a unique way of completing a task that people will find useful, and therefore will attract customers. When people come to us looking for help with branding their company, we ask them first just what that something is. Why did you get into this particular business? What do you have to offer? This is the key to creating a brand that will stand out from the crowd.

Business owners need to create a brand stories. To do this, they should sit down and numerate the reasons why they got into this particular industry. What their strengths and weaknesses are that make them unique. With this list in hand, begin market research.
Market research is sadly often overlooked be many. How can you hope to resonate with your audience unless you know exactly what they are looking for? Gather as much data as you can about your prospective audience, from demographics, to purchasing habits, and most importantly: what element is missing from their experience.
Determining where the holes lie in your potential customers’ experience allows you to articulate how you might be able to fill those holes. Look back to your list and see how you can market yourself as a solution. Create a brand story that shows your company as being the answer to a common problem. For example, a restaurant can emphasize a particular atmosphere, the background of the chef, particular cuisine, or location.
Every company has something unique about them, some hole that they fill. Don’t market yourself like everyone else does, because that misses the point – you want to stand out!
Your brand’s story tells your audience why they should choose you over the other business down the street. Focusing on what makes you unique, and how those strengths play into what the market is looking for, is the key to branding success.

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