Conversion and Your E-Commerce Site

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Did you know that getting people to search for something on your site is one of the keys to converting them into customers? It’s true – when people run searches they are far more likely to convert than those who do not. It makes sense. People who use the search function are demonstrating that they are interested in what you offer and what you have to say. The question is, how do you encourage this process?

Make sure you search box is highlighted and easy to find.

Look for ways to draw attention to the search bar, such as make it a bold color against a plain background or using text to draw attention to it. Make sure that it is clearly differentiated from other bars on your page, such as a newsletter sign up. Some companies also like to use features such as floating search bars to make sure that customers can see the option at all times.

Make sure that your content is search friendly

If you have added features such as blogs, forums, or articles, make the content as searchable as possible. It will help engage your potential clients more and let them know what your company has to offer. When people are able to find your content, it is able to serve you for years, rather than just a few weeks until it gets pushed into the archieves by newer content.

Maximize the products and services that come up in searches

Most sites should let you manipulate the order that results appear, so use the search results as an opportunity to showcase particular products or deals you are offering.

Searches are an excellent way to convert casual visitors to customers. Taking the time to maximize what is offered by your search results on your e-commerce site the first step to making that happen.


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