Content is King: The Value of Good Content

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Content writers seem like they are a dime a dozen. They all claim to have the expertise and skills to develop you content that will be read and help you find new clients. To an extent this is true. Good, well written content is critical for helping you get solid search results and help your conversion rate. On the other hand, the true value of good content is often hidden behind fancy industry jargon and goes far beyond incorporating important keywords into text. Here is the break down about why you should pay attention to your content.

It is natural to want your website to be ranked highly in search results, it is what we all want. Getting yourself there organically with solid content will help you the most in the long run. Solid content that provides good information and is interesting will naturally attract an audience, which raises your search engine rating.

When you are able to help people, you get your name out there. People remember that you were able to get them the information they need, so they pass your name along to others. This widens the pool for you to find new potential clients. As people like you, they are also more likely to link to your website and blog which naturally generates backlinks and boost search engine ranking as well as visibility.

The endgame with all websites is to convert people who find your page into clients. Solid content lets potential clients know that you truly know your stuff. It is in many ways your first sales pitch, your first attempt to say: “Here is why you should choose us over another.”

Whether you choose to write your own content or hire content writers to do it for you, make sure the focus is always on developing solid information to pass to your audience. As they say in the marketing world, “content is king..”


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