Building a LinkedIn Company Page

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Most people in the business world today have heard about LinkedIn. It is the place to be for people in the professional world. It offers networking opportunities, job opportunities, a place to showcase your business, your accomplishments, and just about every aspect of your professional life.

For companies, LinkedIn offers excellent pages. On your LinkedIn company page take the time to fill it out completely. Summarize your company as you would if you were speaking with a new potential client, telling them about what you can do for them and giving an overview of what you have done for others. Use keyword rich language to help yourself get found in searches, both on LinkedIn and on Google, but do not keyword stuff. As we have said before, keyword stuffing might get your page found, but people will not take it seriously and you will not get followers. Write naturally, just be mindful of important industry vocabulary.
Underneath your overview, you have the chance to list your company specialties. This is prime territory to use keywords to help bring traffic to the profile. Detail what your company does using frequently searched for terms and synonyms to help capture all the traffic.
LinkedIn also gives you the chance to describe the products and services your company provides. The more detail you give the viewers, the more they will be able to relate to your company and see if you offer what they need.
Many people in today’s business world trust LinkedIn and the information they find on there. They know that LinkedIn has strict anti-spamming policies, and does periodic crack downs on profiles that are not following the rules. They might not catch all of them right away, but they do pretty well. A well constructed company page is likely to attract attention and can help increase your brand influence and your customer base.

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