Attracting People to Your LinkedIn Company Page

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Once a LinkedIn company page is set up, the next step becomes attracting people to the site and engaging your audience, the same way you operate on other social media platforms. The catch is that on LinkedIn companies themselves cannot interact with the general community. There are, however, a few techniques to help attract attention to your company profile.

1)      Place a button on your company webpage and any other official sites bringing people to the LinkedIn profile. In the age of social media, many people do like to follow their favorite companies for updates and information.
2)      Place the link in your email signature, on your business card, and anywhere else you can think of to draw traffic to the site. You offer people a chance to learn more about the company you are telling them about and many will end up following you.
3)      Put out regular status updates, even if you only have one or two followers. Status updates are a great way to stay connected to your followers. They allow you to send out news and updates and keep your company name right in front of them. If you only have a few followers the status updates will be beneficial because they will fill out the page. When new visitors stop by, they will see that the page is actively used and updated and are more likely to pay attention.
4)      Consider creating a group for your company or industry. When you create a group and actively participate in it, you appear as an expert in the eyes of many people, which in turn elevates the status of your company. Use the groups to ask questions relevant to the industry and use your personal profile to represent your company. This may be difficult to do depending on your position, but if you are able, it can be a wonderful tool.
LinkedIn offers companies many wonderful resources with their company pages. Companies are able to advertise their products, services, and overall mission with business professionals around the world. The high search rating of LinkedIn means that company pages will show up high in Google searches. You can communicate with followers regularly. The benefits are endless. The key is helping people find your page. Hopefully the tips here will help you gather some initial followers.

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